The human body is a piece of art. It is made for moving. Regardless of your age, of whether you have a little pain in a joint or in a sinew: If you move your body in the optimum way, it moves you gracefully, easily, and without pain. Whether you take a walk, swim, run, ski, play golf or practice yoga. You just have to revise what you used to think about gravity. And benefit from walking upright.

The Method

CANTIENICA® go! tells you how your body works. How you align your spine, your pelvis, and your ribcage in the erect position. How you naturally move your joints using centrifugal force, and how this movement continues through your body, your vertebrae, and your joints. This way of moving reduces the weight you feel by half, thereby reducing pressure. CANTIENICA® go! helps you to move your feet, knees, hips, spine and shoulders easily and painlessly. 


The Training

CANTIENICA® go! helps all those who want to move more easily and gracefully. The natural way of walking takes pressure and weight off your joints and is very effective if you suffer from things like arthrosis in your foot or ankle joints, from shortened Achilles tendons, heel spurs, attrition in your knee joints, pelvic tilt, pain in your sacroiliac joint, hip deformation, and arthrosis, as well as hip dysplasia. 

„Today, I had my first Cantienica® lesson withAnja Pusch - and it was great. I was able to stretch my whole body and improve my posture. I was also able to get a better feeling for my body - this is really important if you sit at a desk a lot.  
These aspects - exercises for stretching and mobility, as well as the improved body perception can help a lot if you want to relax and strengthen your muscles at the same time. The training is ideal for your lunch break because you do not really sweat!

Barbara D., product manager


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