You will perfectly align your bones with the deep muscles. For your back, this means that the spine is erected. There is more space between the vertebrae, the spnal disks are stretched. Pelvis and ribcage are aligned, and the muscles of the pelvic floor are are aligned with the lower back, the hips, the belly, and the thighs. The pelvis and the joints "learn" this good and healthy posture and movement. You will train this new way of keeping yourself upright as long as it is a new habit for you.

The Method

CANTIENICA® For your back works from the inside out: You align and strengthen the intrinsic muscles - more than 200 small, interlinked muscles.  They can then do what they are supposed to do - hold and protect the spine's vertebrae by sheathing them and connecting them to all other muscles around them. CANTIENICA exercises are very precise. Perfect alignment removes all pressure from your joints.  Three-dimensional mobilization makes them smooth. Even if you suffer from arthrosis, you will be able to move without pain. 
You can integrate many exercises into your daily life, discreetly and without any effort. Every morning in bed, at the breakfast table, in the office, at the wheel of your car, when standing or walking, when you brush your teeth, vacuum your house - anytime, any. You can root your new posture in your life and play your favorite sports without any problems. Your strong back muscles will stabilize and vitalize from head to toe. 


It's Safe

CANTIENICA® For your back can be sensitively adapted to every body's needs. Because it is so precise, the vertebrae as well as the delicate structures of your pelvis and joints are protected. 

CANTIENICA® For your back classes are small, the instructor can give very personal coaching. Each exercise is tailored to your physical skills and potential.

Die Training

CANTIENICA® For your back can be successful if you have one of these chronic or acute ailments:

- Hollow-back

- Hunchback

- Cervical spine syndrome

- Whiplash injury

- Slipped disk

- Pelvic obliquity

- Scoliosis

- Diffuse pain in the back

- Sciatic pain syndrome

- Lumbago

- Arthrosis

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