CANTIENICA® Faceforming

CANTIENICA® bodywork is head-to-toe activity. By finetuning your facial and cranial muscles and bones, you will optimize your posture. Many postural deviations originate here. 
CANTIENICA® Faceforming aligns all 80 cranial muscles. They are lifted and stretched. Slack and passive muscles are pulled down, due to gravity. Stretched and active muscles pull to the top, 24 hours a day. Even after your first training, your face will look fresher and younger.  
Whether you are looking for antiwrinkle training or you want to stop teeth grinding, snoring, or to end your tinnitus, or migraines - CANTIENICA® Faceforming is perfect for you. The precise bodywork eases problems and makes you look radiant.

The Method

We'll start with your perfect posture. Only then, the cranial muscles are triggered and strengthened. As soon as the muscles in your neck, back, and top of your head are active, can the facial muscles be aligned and linked to the cranial muscles. Basically, the face is "antiwrinkled" step-by-step. 
The training has a three-phase approach: First, you gently stimulate the muscles with your fingers. In the second phase, you touch your muscles through the skin, very gently, and they react on their own. In a third and optional step, you can train your eyelids, cheeks, chin, nose, and mouth. The goal of this training is to have the muscles move and stretch without your touching them.


„Your workshops are really brilliant! Every time, I come in like a hunchback and leave like a goddess!

Dr Petra S., medical doctor

The Training

CANTIENICA® Faceforming is relaxing and very gentle. The optimization of your posture and strengthening of the muscles in your neck, palate, and tongue bone, aligns your head in a perfect position. People who suffer from migraines and tension headaches can benefit from this. Faceforming training is very effective if you grind your teeth, and can influence your eyesight and hearing. 

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