CANTIENICA® Method for Bodyform and Posture

The CANTIENICA® method for bodyform and posture is a training concept that is based on "healthy anatomy". Good posture, flexibility, and strength from the deep muscles and the fascia keep your bones, joints, muscles, and tendons healthy. Your looks become radiant - regardless of your height, age, or weight. Only certified and authorized CANTIENICA® instructors can offer CANTIENICA® training. For more information, see

Body and Mind - Embodiment

Your mood influences your posture. And your posture influences your mood. Your posture and your muscular activity stimulate hormone production, and a good posture makes you happy. Stretched and active skeletal muscles keep the nerves active and conductive. CANTIENICA® training can boost your confidence and self-esteem, and it can improve your mood.

Anatomic Precision

Your pelvis is the basis for a relaxed posture and a healthy spine. During CANTIENICA® training, the pelvis is perfectly aligned, mobilized, and linked with all the PC muscles. This is the prerequisite for a healthy and upright spine, which uses the intrinsic muscles.

Safe and Pain-free

The CANTIENICA® method is safe and pain-free. This is why so many physiotherapists study and offer CANTIENICA® training. By increasing their strength and body awareness, participants learn how to correct false positions and coordinate movements. Intensive and personal coaching, as well as the option of adapting all exercises to your individual skills make CANTIENICA® a safe method. By modifying and increasing the intensity, each exercise can be tailored to your personal needs. 

"I am a singer, and Anja Pusch has shown me how to feel and strengthen my body in a gentle way, using the CANTIENICA® method.  Especially her empathic coaching and instructions for correcting my posture helped me a lot, and I got to know a completely new way of feeling my body. Thanks a lot!"

Veronika Wiedekind, singer and singing teacher

CANTIENICA® Pelvic Floor Training

Train your PC muscles to make them do the right thing in every situation. In every day life, at work, and while exercising. For men and women.  More...

CANTIENICA® Power Program

Strength and flexibility. Posture and grace. Power from the deep muscles. A healthy spine. More...

CANTIENICA® For your Back

Re-program your posture. From pain to well-being. Learn new habits for a healthy back. Fast and safe. Natural and sustainable. CANTIENICA® For Your Back. The missing manual for self-healing that is perfect for you. More...

CANTIENICA® Faceforming

Make all of your facial muscles work together. For radiance and beauty that comes from a healthy posture. The relaxing and effective faceforming exercises also help with migraines, teeth grinding, and tinnitus.  More...


CANTIENICA® go! is perfect if you want to move easily and gracefully. The natural way of walking and running relieves all joints, and is very effective if you have problems with your knees, hips, and feet.  More...

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