CANTIENICA® Pelvic Floor Training

The "pelvic floor" refers to a group of muscles (the PC muscles) that form the floor of the pelvis. Without any training, this muscle layer slackens, and the organs as well as the connective tissue undergo premature aging. The consequences for beauty and health are rather unpleasant. However, if your PC muscles are well-trained, they can prevent organ prolapse, incontinence, bladder weakness, and prostate issues.  
CANTIENICA® pelvic floor training connects and aligns the three layers of the pelvic floor with all the muscles in your pelvis, back, belly, hips, and thighs. The pelvis becomes perfectly aligned and strengthened. This results in a "muscle corset", a power pelvis, that optimizes your posture, protects your vertebrae and joints, and successfully prevents all kinds of health problems.  

The Method

You will learn how to train your PC muscles for and in your daily life. Automatically, and depending on the situation, they will react as they should: When you bend down, when you laugh, blow your nose, or cough - the muscles are active. When you walk, the two parts of your pelvis move.
An increasing number of therapists and midwives teach CANTIENICA® pelvic floor training, obstetricians and other health care professionals recommend it because it is safe and gentle. The missing manual to your body. 


THANK YOU for yesterday's excellent workshop. Especially for the enthusiasm you spread so generously.

Mathilde M., social worker

The Training

CANTIENICA® pelvic floor training is a program for preventing and treating bladder weakness, incontinence, organ prolapse, chronic lower back pain and various types of incorrect posture. Pelvic floor training consists of over 100 exercises. It is the result of Benita Cantieni's intense research - since 1992. 

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