CANTIENICA® Power Program

In the CANTIENICA® power program classes, all muscle groups are trained, from head to toe.  
The result:

- Your body becomes more flexible

- Your metabolism is activated

- Body fat is reduced

- Circulation in your skin and tissue improves

- Because your joints are relieved, you become more flexible

- You become more radiant


By using your PC muscles in a specific way and by optimizing the erectness of your spine, your posture will change. The CANTIENICA® power program will make you stronger and more flexible. Your muscular system will be built up from the inside out. 

The CANTIENICA® power program consists of a large number of exercises used to train each muscle of your body precisely and with small, three-dimensional movements.


„I just finished my first Cantienica course and can't wait for the next one to start. In a very short time, Anja has shown me what to pay attention to and how to improve my posture.
The exercises are all about activating the deep muscles and a good posture. For me, this meant taking care of my body in a more mindful way. Now, I even correct myself when I sit on the sofa, drive my car or walk.
The course motivated me a lot, and it was fun. Anja's enthusiasm and positive attitude contributed tremendously to that.
Linda F., technical writer

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