CANTIENICA® classes contain elements from all CANTIENICA® programs.  CANTIENICA® training is holistic. This means that every class is suitable for you - whether you want to work on your pelvic floor, your back, your joints or your tummy.

For an overview of all classes, see the Class Schedule.

If none of these work for you, please get in touch. I'm planning on setting up some new classes. 

Private Lessons

CANTIENICA® training that is tailored to your challenges and needs. By appointment only. Give me a call, send me an e-mail, or book your lessons online. For more information, see Private Lessons.


All workshops cover focus topics, for example, PC muscles, facefoming, walking and running, tension and relaxation. For more information, see Workshops and News.

External Classes and Workshops

You can book me for workshops and classes at your studio or in any other location. Together, we can tailor the contents to your groups' needs. As a guest instructor, I have taught workshops and classes for the following organizations:

Hofgut Klostersee, Cismar

Pilatesatelier Heidelberg

VHS Kreis Offenbach

Malu - Traumwelt orientalischer Tanz

Gemeinschaft Altenschlirf, Vogelsberg

Getting Started

Just call me for a chat if you want to find out more about the CANTIENICA® method and how it can help you. I'm looking forward to talking to you!

Before you join a class, I recommend taking a private lesson or participating in a workshop so that I can help you find out what your specific needs are.  

If you want to get started or just find out what the CANTIENICA® method is all about, you can book a combination 30-minute private lesson plus participation in one group session. Contact me for an appointment or book online. 

Dear Anja, I just wanted to tell you how I enjoyed yesterday's workshop!!! There was so much I learned for myself, and I love the way you teach the method."

Pia L., sales manager

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